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Wallaman Falls

A short video of the majestic Wallaman Falls following the 2019 flooding event in North Queensland.  With the main drop of 268m, the falls are the noted as Australia’s tallest single drop waterfall.  Located about 1.5 hours north of Townsville, Wallaman Falls is well worth a visit.



Highlights of 2018!

2018 proved to be another big year for Budd Photography with loads of great projects in Townsville and throughout regional Queensland.  This little video is a snapshot of the year that was!

The Beauty of The Burdekin

The regional towns and farming district around Ayr and Home Hill in North Queensland are more commonly referred to as The Burdekin. It would be fair to say that The Burdekin punches above it’s weight in terms of the natural beauty and opportunity.  Water means everything for an agricultural district and the Burdekin has no shortage, thanks to the Burdekin Falls Dam.  Visitors and locals alike are spoilt for choice with regard to fishing, camping, expoloring, fresh produce, secluded beaches, spectacular views across the region, boutique shopping and yummy cafes/delis, all coupled with friendly local hospitality.  The Burdekin is definitely a spot to put on your bucket list!

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Burdekin Falls Dam overflow – March 2018

The Townsville region has welcomed the recent rain as it has been about 3 years since our last good rainfalls.   We decided to take a day trip to Burdekin Falls Dam and were welcomed with an AMAZING amount of water. This water supply plays a huge role in irrigating the farmlands of the Burdekin.  The water was at a level of 2.66m over the spillway, with a flow of 357,551 Megalitres/Day. That is 1.5times the full capacity of Ross River Dam flowing over in a day!!!!! That’s a heck of a lot of water and quite a contrast from when I last visited in 2014.

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